3 Steps to Avoid Hepatitis Liver Cancer

Hepatitis Liver Cancer is one of the top 2 reasons for a cancerous liver. Alcoholic Live Disease is the other one. Liver Cancer caused by hepatitis can be avoided and this is what this article is all about. Liver cancer is a leading cause for death in both developed and developing countries because chronic liver disease or end stage liver damage has a poor prognosis. Are things getting a little too technical? Sorry for that. Let’s take a fresh start.

Liver is the largest chemical factory of human body. It is more like a whole chemical industry. The number of chemical reactions taking place, the different types of reactants participating, millions of intermediate products being formed a broken again, a lot of enzymes catalyzing all this and many life saving substances produced in the liver make it a chemical factory which is indeed more diverse than the chemical industry of big country.

Most importantly the liver is supply house for components of blood and production house of various chemicals used by the body as sources of energy. So a small malady or ailment in the liver can give rise to a viscous cycle. Even when a small function of liver is disturbed it may give rise to across the body problems for various reasons. Following facts will elaborate this.

  • When some function of liver is disturbed; it affects the homeostasis of entire body. This puts a kind of stress upon liver which is already under functioning or diseased. As a result the conditions worsen.
  • In cases when a small function of liver is flawed there is discrepancy in the supply-demand balance. Decreased supply leads to increased demand; liver faces a stress with respect to increased demand. Stressed liver started to function poorly even for other jobs and whole body gets affected.

Hepatitis Liver Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases. Hepatitis is wide spread even endemic in some regions of world while liver cancer has a poor prognosis. Third thing which makes it horrible is high proportion of patients who develop liver cancer even after successful treatment of viral hepatitis.

I am charting out a 3-step plan to avoid any terrible outcomes. I designed these tips into 3 tips so that everyone could benefit less or more no matter at what stage they are. Every reader will under one of the category and in one of the 3 steps and everyone can know what to do to decrease your odds for catching hepatitis liver cancer.

Step 1: Before Getting Liver Disease

There are three things I would advise in this sections. Three simple life style tips which will decrease the odds of getting infected by hepatitis virus by ten times. Three simple tips and you can have a super immunity against a hepatitis infection or liver disease. These life style tips decrease the chances of Hepatitis Liver Cancer by around 87%. If you are lucky enough to fall in the category of Step 1 and never had liver disease; go on to follow these tips so that you can be a survivor.

  1. The Pharmacological Immunity:
    Most of the countries of the world now have the facility in almost all the regions to get vaccinated against viral hepatitis.
    So this is step 1 toward a Healthy Liver Life. Hepatitis Liver Cancer VaccinationGet yourself vaccinated. (Decreased risk for Hepatitis by 60%)
  2. The Defensive Precaution: This is one of the most important tips specially for the inhabitants of such regions where hepatitis is wide spread. USE SAFE DRINKING WATER. Make sure your drinking water is free from contamination. Water is the source of hepatitis in 95% cases due to strict screening protocols for blood transfusions. (Decreased Risk for Hepatitis by 32%)
  3. The Offensive Precaution: The is last but not the least if you have never been infected by hepatitis virus. Strengthen your liver. This will be able to protect even if some virus can get past above two barriers. Eat foods which can improve liver health. An optimally healthy liver is more immune to any infections. You should chose Healthy Recipes for Kids.

Step 2: During A Liver Disease

May be most of the readers will fall under this category. If you have been a victim of liver disease in the form of viral hepatitis; there is still much you can do to end this here. Hepatitis is OK; Liver Cancer is not OK. So you can stop this right here. If you follow the advice in step 2 and 3 there is still a fair chance that you can decrease the risk of liver cancer by as much as 38%.

  1. Ensure Your Recovery: Almost all the patients diagnosed with liver cancer start medication but only 40% of them complete the pharmacological course. This is very important. You must not stop taking meds only because your symptoms improved. Clean the virus out of your body completely.
  2. Enhance Your Recovery: You can also aid your medication with some foods and life style changes so that your liver gets better a little quicker. It is wise to go for life style changes that improve liver health. It will help your liver recover in a much enhanced way. You can also adopt some diets to treat Hepatitis Yellow Eyes and Skin.

Step 3: After A Liver Disease

If you have been successfully treated for hepatitis; there is still a risk that you may get liver cancer in late years of your life. This is because a deadly infection and long course of medication has weakened not only your body defenses against cancer but also the structure and function of liver tissues. But there is still a lot you can do to save yourself from falling a victim to Hepatitis Liver Cancer.

  1. Defense Against Recurrence: Anyone who has previously been treated for a liver disease has increased risk for hepatitis and liver cancer so you should have a watchful eye on liver health. Go for Liver Function Tests every 6 months and PCR every year. This will give you a defense against anything dreadful coming.
  2. Optimal Liver Health: Since your liver has been a victim once but you are a survivor. So stay one. To stay a survivor you have to maintain an optimal liver health. Do not stress liver with anything harmful. Keep an eye on the lipid profile. If you have some cardiac or endocrine disorder like diabetes; get proper medical treatment. Hepatitis C damages the liver a lot and even after recovery you need to take care of your liver.

Well, there is always something you can do to lengthen your life span or at least your health span. Article became way too long but at the end it is worth it even if this page could save 1 life around the world. You can do a similar job by sharing this to your friends on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn. Press the social buttons and let other benefit.

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