Can Hypnosis cure Insomnia?

Insomnia is a disorder where a person finds difficulties in falling asleep. He has trouble in staying good sleep. There is no well-defined number of hours which one should sleep so that he may not be diagnosed with insomnia. It differs from person to person.

Can Hypnosis Cure Insomnia?

Yes, hypnosis is a natural cure for insomnia. In hypnosis, mind and body of the person get relaxed. Tension is released. The person is all in the conscious state though he feels amnesia. This a hypnoidal stage and at this stage you are somewhat in a transition phase that’s why when you wake up you don’t even remember when did you sleep.

Self-hypnosis is very effective as you are mentally prepared to sleep because it is based on laws of association and repetition. First of all, you have to make certain that your body is not in stress but relaxed. A recommended way to reduce stress is to let your muscles released in variant body-parts. Begin with the feet, then through knees to hips; you have to tense and release. Do this for all of your body parts. Also, release your tension from your mouth and head through the same technique.

Now breathe deeply, hold it for few seconds and exhale slowly. Remember brain needs more supply of oxygen to be put into the state of hypnosis. Pretend to swallow something and roll your eyes; remember your eyelids must be closed. This will let your eyelids flutter slowly and cause your eyes to go to sleep. Next step is to visualize or do imaginations. Try to think of words like sleep, restful, calm, cool, peace etc.

Some people face issues in maintaining sleep.  Sometimes it is due to over-thinking. To avoid over-thinking, try not to watch any depressing TV program. But you should give a try to some comedy hypnotist. You then have to say some convincing lines to yourself e.g.  “I will not over-think during my sleep state. I deserve a peaceful sleep. I will have a peaceful sleep. Such lines will work for you. If you wake up in the midnight, do follow the same technique mentioned above i.e. relaxing your muscles and advising yourself that you are going to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

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