How to Lose 2 Pounds a Week

Many people, only a month before their marriage, ask me how to lose 2 pounds a week? What I tell them is simple – By Motivation. This is not the answer for all those who want to lose 2 pounds a week. This is the answer to those who ask me. Confused enough? or not yet? Actually losing weight and especially losing weight fast needs two ingredients. One who owns the first needs the second. Weight loss is not possible without enough motivation neither is it possible without – proper guidance. This is necessary because in a week if there is no weight loss; it is bad for motivation.

If you don’t lose weight; you will start losing motivation.

So the two ingredients needed are; motivation and guidance. Lose weight fast how to lose 2 pounds a week with water fasting weight lossSomeone who trusts my guide and asks how to lose 2 pounds a week can easily have one ingredient and I need to pass on the other.
But most of the times It is guidance that is needed and an efficient guidance that gives them more motivation once they look into their weight loss graph. And who do you think will be more motivated than a girl going to get married in 30 days with a wish to lose 10 pounds by that time. But losing 2 pounds a week is not that easy. Even simple maths will tell that you because to lose 2 pounds you need o starve your body to 7000 Calories so that 2 lbs. of fat are burnt to provide that energy. This can be narrowed down to 1000 Calories a day. If someone has a BMR of 1700 and a caloric need of 2300/day then they need a meal plan with 1300 Calories to lose weight fast enough.

This article is more focused towards tips that I gift to those who can not afford wasting time on useless junk to lose weight and are in desperate need for a reliable guidance to lose weight fast. There is something that can easily dismantle all those diet plans. Parties. Before marriage, a lot of you hang out a lot. So I would suggest you to read Party Secrets of John Goodman Weight Loss.

To lose weight fast one needs to be educated completely about this science. There is a lot to be known about diets and meals, a lot about the side effects and ways to avoid them, knowledge about essential nutrients and last but not least something about the stretches and exercises. Because if you can not starve enough by meal plans then you need to burn those extra calories by exercise or in other words you need to increase you caloric need while taking the same low caloric diet. This stresses upon the need of series of articles and a lot of posts to provide all the essential knowledge and number of tips that are needed.

This article in this series is specially helpful for those who do not have enough time for exercise or just don’t want to do it. Water fasting weight loss is one of my favorite ideas. Following tips will help you use water efficiently in a weight loss program if you ever wondered how to lose 2 pounds a week.

  1. Drink more water throughout the day to keep your appetite suppressed.
  2. Drink more water before and during a meal to satisfy your stomach earlier.
  3. Use of CYBCOM-Sweet-Milk is useful to meet the requirement of vitamins, minerals and fluids. To make add zero caloric soft drinks and your favorite zero caloric flavors to a glass of skimmed unsweetened milk.

Million Dollar Tip: Use Diet Soft Drinks to fight cravings for sweets, drinks and desserts.

Diet Soft Drinks come with a bundle package of benefits like fighting craving and hydrating the body.

To lose 2 pounds a week or even more, keep coming to Cybcom Healthcare and read other similar posts.

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