Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Anxiety may be a word known to everyone. But the whole concept of this psychological problem is not even grasped by professionals. You may hear someone saying they are anxious or worse labeling others of being anxious. Technically anxiety is defined as a state of fear when you do not know any cause. It is just a feeling if something bad is going to happen. So it is an UNKNOWN FEAR.

In cases of depression, stress or phobias one of the remedy I give to my patients involves facing their fears head on. This simply does not apply here. Anxiety is fearing something you can’t even find out. You do not know what you are actually fearing. Some common symptoms are have butterflies in the stomach that some bad is on the cards. Or feeling you have wronged someone. depression causes headachesA guilt for no reason. Sometimes anxiety feels like vomiting. Anxiety is a feeling that would negatively affect your performance. You can’t start doing something. You can’t sleep well sometimes.  You don’t feel like doing something productive.

Importance of Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Natural remedies have a plus point for not involving any medication. You don’t need to adjust the dose, don’t need to spend the money and don’t need to remember taking pills. No side effects and No dependence as happens with most of anxiolytic drugs.

Top 3 Natural Remedies

I will cut the crap and give you right away what you came here looking for. Here are my hot and top remedies…


Well, there are plenty of. What I wanna tell you is that exercise is the most primitive cure to anxiety. I will teach you a few.

  1. Take a lemon and put it in your palm. Now press it on your palm with other hand. Use your other hand to massage your palm with the lemon. Now repeat after reversing the hands.
  2. Take a pen or pencil. Put both your hands together joining palms and place the pencil in between. Now roll it to and fro. Repeatedly. Slowly and fast.
  3. Take thumb of your right hand and press it in the palm of left hand. Press in the middle, press in the periphery. Press softly, press hard. And massage your palm with your thumb. You can also punch the palm with your thumb. Now reverse the hands and repeat.

These exercise even work for severe anxiety disorders.


This one is tricky. Although rarely but it can lead to severity of your condition. To avoid this you have to follow my tip written in the last line of this paragraph. Communicate. Best person to do with is a good friend you haven’t talked to in last 2-3 months even more. Alternatively you can talk to your maid, your servant, a person selling ice cream in your street or shopkeeper at cold store in the corner. Talk whatever you want. Listen a story. Tell an incidence, Share an experience or just chat around. Last line; do not pick up any thing serious. And never anything related to you or your life. Keep it simple.

The Magic Cure

This is something funny. Go to an open place like a road, street, a yard or your lawn. A playground can be perfect. With the help of a chalk, draw a square which 6ft x 6ft. Now run from 10-20 ft and try to jump across it without touching any lines. If it’s too easy make it 7. If it is impossible make it 5.

Try to perfect it. Do it 10-15 times. You are sure to feel better.


Anxiety is feeling bad and it’s a bad feeling. Natural remedies comes as a package of benefits without side effects. You can go for some anxiolytic exercises, communicate to get your mind of it or try my Magic Cure.
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