Pros and Cons of Water Fasting Weight Loss Diet

Pros and Cons of Water Fasting Weight Loss Diet plan largely depend upon the way you are following it. Ya of course I can not give MY decree just to a string of words and publish how harmful is water fasting or how useful is water fasting weight loss. Water fasting weight loss is a string of words spread across internet and I can not talk about its benefits or flaws unless I elaborate what I personally mean by it. So I am going to give you MY idea of water fasting weight loss and then you can see how beneficial it can be.

What comes before pros and cons is Ins and Outs. How does water fasting works? How does it leads to weight loss? What are precautions? and What are the risks? Weight Loss by water fasting is made possible by more of psychogenic factors. The idea is to trick your mind into eating less food, into eating low caloric food and decreasing the appetite.

Components of Water Fasting Weight Loss

There is one necessary component and one accessory component to the weight loss by water fasting. Necessary Component is taking a calculated amount of water every day at appropriate intervals. Major function played by this increased water intake is to keep the GIT filled. Filled intestines and partially filled stomach does not demand much food. This suppresses your appetite not only psychologically but there are more than 3 hormones which will be released by increased entry of water into Gastro Intestinal System. These hormones will create a sense of satiety and encourage rejecting any food item even when offered. So the goal is to decrease caloric intake. Well, Water is sooo scarce in calories. :p

Accessory Component of Water Fasting

The other component of water fasting is running. Running Weight Loss itself is a healthier way to lose weight. When combined with increased intake of water there is special role played by it. I have high lighted a few changes that will be caused by a water fasting weight loss diet plan which is assisted by running.

  • First change is the source of energy that body uses for running and routine life activities. A person who is following a routine of more water intake and 1-3 running sessions a day will consume most of its energy by oxidizing or burning fats in the body. So the weight loss does not end in muscle wasting or deformed body shape.
  • Then there is a mysterious combined effect of running and water fasting that affects the food craving. A fasting weight loss results in cravings so water fasting was solution that suppresses appetite. But there is another problem. People taking small meals or less meals are motivated to eat oily foods and fried items. And as a result even the small meals bring a lot of calories to the body. Adding the running sessions solves the problem, ya mysteriously. There has been observed a tendency to reject more oily and friend food items when someone is going for running sessions with a lot of water drinking every day.

Latest Research about Pros and Cons of Water Fasting

There is an interesting finding about the changes that take place after going for water fasting. One of these changes is drastic decrease in the BMR. The calculated BMR is of course not altered but the observed BMR falls after a couple weeks of water fasting. This means two important things, one good, one bad.

  • Low BMR means in a few days your appetite decreases on its own. You have a decreased urge to eat and that a fantastic news for anyone who wants to lose weight by fasting.
  • A Low BMR also means another thing. Low caloric need. And now if you eat more  or even go back to a routine that you had before water fasting – You are going to gain weight for this. That is not very fantastic in fact it is a terrible news.

A Tip about Water Fasting Weight Loss DietWeight Loss Smoothies for Water Fasting Weight Loss

Pros and Cons of Water Fasting Weight Loss will lead to make decisions based upon your priorities and depending upon your attitude towards following a plan where small mistakes can make big things go wrong.
So here is a safety tip. If you want to go for water fasting and lose weight by drinking a lot water and cutting short caloric foods then add some Weight Loss Smoothies to your diet routine. They are a low calorie alternative with valuable nutrition and essential vitamins and minerals.

In the end there is summary that weight loss can be quite easy if you go for taking more water for a couple of weeks, not miss your running sessions, make yourself tasty smoothies and last but not the least keep an eye on mineral intake of your body and be alarmed if there are any side effects.

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