Top 5 Ways to Fall Asleep Fast

Do you want to fall asleep fast? Is it because you waste a couple hours daily before falling asleep or it’s just today that you want to sleep early? These 5 ways can help you with the problem or the dilemma; whatever you call it.

 I call it scary time wastage.

For me what could be worse than lying in the bed and doing nothing till you fall asleep because they say ‘only prostitute makes money there.’ This is pretty much non-productive that you have to do a lot in the morning and with only 5 hours window to replenish your sleep; you just waste two more hours because you cannot fall asleep fast.

Inability to fall asleep even when it’s time can be attributed to a number of factors including anxiety, dietary insufficiency, a few organic illnesses and lack of satisfaction or what I call optimal mental health.

Successful ways that can help you sleep fast largely depend upon the reason you are unable to fall asleep properly.sleeping people o anxiety fall asleep fast
A remedy would be entirely different for a person suffering from anxiety and another individual who just fails to have sufficient circulating blood in various body parts. However there are a couple of generic ways that will help you with this problem. These 5 ways to fall asleep early have been devised keeping in mind all the very reasons for insomnia. Going for them one by one, you will be able to find a personal solution for you to help you every time. A solution will work for you successfully for either of two reason. It may be because this is the solution for your underlying cause for not falling asleep in time or may be it’s a solution you believed too much to be effective.

Finally, here are the top 5 ways to help you fall asleep fast.


  1. I have placed my personal favorite on the top of the list. If you have to be somewhere on time in the morning and can’t sleep fast then grab a tumbler full of water add 2 Tbsp. of sugar and 1 tsp. of salt. Mix the ingredients and add 2 Tbsp. of lemon juice to it. Drink the tasty lemonade and fall asleep on time. It will ensure extra freshness in the morning, as well.
  2. There is something else that may come in handy for falling asleep in time. 6-8 pieces of cashew nuts which can be salted or sprinkled with ground sugar ensure improvement in blood circulation necessary for sleeping. You can read a full article about Cashew Nutrition.
  3. Sometimes there is no rocket science why you can’t sleep properly and it’s simply because your body is not feeling at home in your clothing. Grab a pair of shorts you are comfortable in or any dress that eases your body to sleep and it’s time to go to bed.
  4. This one has helped a lot of people I know. Go for a shower just before going to bed. Cool shower or warm shower depends upon your choice and weather however a shower is promised to help sleep issues by optimizing a lot of body systems and helping you sleep quite comfortable.
  5. This is one is a bit tricky but happens to treat the problem for 60-70% of my patients. So it’s like must-to-try tip for all those who have trouble falling asleep. Reasons behind someone’s inability to fall asleep quickly and the mechanism behind this trick may be complex but what you have to do is not that hard. You have to sleep in posture where your head is raised 6-8 inches above your feet in an inclined position so that your hips are 3-4 inches higher than your feet. This tip doesn’t only solve the problem for those who can’t fall asleep but also helps those who are awakened spontaneously during sleep at night.  This maneuver is so multipurpose and can also help those who fancy how to get bigger calves.

Bonus Method:You can also try watching a hypnotist show.

These tips will surely help you to fall asleep fast or at least some of it will. Not being able to sleep on time is a problem wide spread in today’s community. So share this post with your social media friends by simple social media buttons shown on the side.


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